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Monday, February 25, 2013

Lars Lerin Museum

Someone might remember my interview with Lars Lerin posted here last year. It was tricky to get that one and I still had many questions... Last week I had an opportunity to ask my questions to Lars personally. I was invited to have a watercolor master-class in a Folk University (don`t know the name) which was arranged in the same city where Lerin had his museum. The time for the interview was settled and when we came to the museum Lars was there. Actually I was anxious to see his painting close-up but first it happened that I started asking my questions. Some of them were prepared and some came up spontaneously.

Konstantin Sterkhov and Lars Lerin. Interview.

After the talk I rushed to the painting with my old camera. Sorry if the quality is low, but however I am using a chance to share my impressions from his stunning work and informal way of exhibition.

Lars Lerin. 150x450 cm

First of all Lars I would like to thank you from all watercolor lovers for this break through - there are not so many art museums dedicated entirely to watercolor medium. I think your museum may counted a small victory of watercolor movement. How came the idea of the museum?
It was my father and a man from a community who suggested... this place was for sale and we decided to move here.

Does it have a certain purpose?
It is just to show my art and to arrange some guest exhibitions.

Lars Lerin. 100x150 cm

You are a public figure. Does the public attention help or disturb your creative process?
It doesn`t matter to me because i have a possibility to close the door.

You are well known in Sweden and Scandinavian countries. Do you consider yourselves a part of the Global watercolor community?
I don`t think so. I am not familiar to other artists. Connection might be... perhaps through subjects.

Lars Lerin. 150x100, 150x300, 150x300cm

Are you interested in other artists commitments? Can you appreciate an art style different from yours?
Yes, very much! I don`t like things similar to my own style. I like when people do something from the heart, not from skill.

In which art do you express yourselves more complete - in writing or in painting?
Painting is my home... but I do write a lot every day, maybe two hours...

Lars Lerin. 300x150 cm

Do you belong to a certain generation?
No, I don`t.

Do you feel something like your "mission" in art?
No, it is more a mission for myself to have a good life, peace in my heart...

Lars Lerin. 100x150 cm x 3

Do you have some aim to achieve in art or it is mainly self-expression?
It is my self-expression. The aim is a better work. It is not a carrier that motivates.

Do you consider your art approach more classical or avantgarde?
I don`t want to categorize myself.

Lars Lerin

Is it important to keep and maintain art heritage?
It is important both old and new. You can`t stay isolated. It is good to have connection to the heritage and to learn from that too.

What is your attitude to your painting when it is complete? Does it change with the time?
It can often change. I often come back and paint something that was already exhibited, the paper is strong and allows it.

Lars Lerin`s Museum

There is a strong dramatic feeling in your painting. Is it your perception of life?
Yes. Tomorrow maybe no.

Lars Lerin

How do you handle a large painting technically?
On a ping-pong table.

Lars Lerin. Sketches, copper print

Which paints do you run out first of all?
I will not say.... Ok, different blacks, ocher and french ultramarine.

Lars Lerin

What paper do you use?
Arches, 640 gm, rough in sheets...

Lars Lerin.

Do and donts in watercolor in your version?


  1. Thanks for this wonderful glimpse at the mind (and museum) of this great artist!

  2. Константин, спасибо, что подписались на мой блог Блоговедение для чайников ,в котором о сложном написано просто и очень понятно.

    Я всегда хотела уметь рисовать, но мне казалось, что сейчас уже поздно учиться. А неделю назад с утра пораньше ко мне домой ворвалась как ветер подруга и вытащила меня на уроки рисования.
    Первый урок был как раз с акварелью. Художником меня не назвать, но чувствую, что "заболела".

    Константин, у Вас в блоге капча по умолчанию. Отмените ее пожалуйста. Что это и как отменить написано здесь

  3. I´m glad you had an opportunity to meet Lars Lerin at his museum. He is one of the greatest aquarellists in the world! His answers are smart: "I like when people do something from the heart, not from skill." ... "NO RULES".

  4. Very nice work... and this work, of tree, forest, about the sizes of a 150x450 cm - very beautiful... This dome is also very beautiful...!
    Best regards, WalDemar