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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nanning Painting Trip

What a shame I am only now going to share my impressions of the trip to Nanning, China last November! It was a great exhibition Happy Melody held already 4th time with different artists. We had a most remarcable painting trip after the show.

No words, only photos! Sorry that I post them too randomly:)

 Liu Yi, Konstantin Sterkhov and Loh Kong Yaw (Re-Interpretation)

 Openning of the exhibition

 On the way to a distant village

 Alvaro Castagnet, Joseph Zbukvic and John Salminen

 Konstantin Sterkhov, Andy and Laura Evansen

 Too Slavs bored at the conference - Konstantin Sterkhov and Joseph Zbukvic

 Artists` meeting - some words to young generation

 Painting from the balcony K.Sterkhov

 Painting on location - K.Sterkhov

 Joseph Zbukvic on location

 Traditional village food including grass hoppers

 Karaoke for watercolorists for audience about 300 people

 Z on location sorrounded by Chinese students

 Alvaro painting live at the hotel lobby

 K.Sterkhov on location

 From A to Z. Two great watercolorists on the way to a new location.

 Alvaro art supplies shopping

 Zbukvic and Castagnet

Watercolor team - Zhan Xiaoshang, Stanislaw Zoladz, Andy Evansen, 
Joseph Zbukvic, Alvaro Castagnet, Konstantin Sterkhov

 Rick Huang and Konstantin Sterkhov

 After the openning

 Stanislaw and Elisabeth Zoladz
 View from the window

 In the village
 Rural scenary

Buddist temple
 John Salminen

 John Salminen and Alvaro Castagnet

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