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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In The Realm Of Dwarfs

Helsinki is all buried in snow. I am invited to teach in YLE painting club. YLE is a TV channel in Finland. It has a few high buildings. We enter one of the buildings, get into the lift cabin and it starts moving… downwards. After awhile it stops and we start walking along the corridors, a passage after the passage, turning left, right, left again…The walls are roughly worked up, they are not straight and vertical, I would say they are wavy, with very rough texture. We keep walking and I have a strong feeling that I found myself in a Dwarfs Kingdom.

Finally we arrived at the destination point – another corridor with a several class rooms for all sorts of crafts. Deep underground I was recalling the impressions of summer, sea, greenery, flowers, all those I was demonstrating in watercolors in my course. It was a bit unreal – all those colorful pictures under dozens of meters of rocks and granite in buried in snow Helsinki.

The topics were seascapes, flowers and animals - one topic on a day. Most of the time I was demonstrating paintings of a relatively small size but with many technicall tricks applied.

After the course in YLE I had another course in Rudolf Steiner School. That was a shortest course in my practice! 1 hour of demonstration and 1 hour of working out. The topic was - CATS.

By the way, Happy New Year! The Chines Year of Cat or Rabbit has started!

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