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Saturday, February 5, 2011

O. Pomerantsev - Simple Poetry

I am introducing my collegue from St.Petersburg Watercolor society Oleg Pomerantsev. I find that his works have some very special atmosphere, they are so inviting into the world of clouds, fogs and water.

Oleg Pomerantsev. Russian Landscape.

He is graduated as architector. His landscapes strictly follow the classic Russian school of watercolor. They all are almost monochromatic but they exactly express the felling of Russian nostalgy. They look like painted memories extracted from the depths of our mind.

O. Pomerantsev. Winter.

The simplicity of his landscapes is more touching than brightness and technical virtuosity of some modern painting. It is a special gift to fill a painting work with poetry.


  1. Many emotions conveyed in the watercolors you show us, very beautiful, thanks a lot.

  2. so moody....thanks for sharing.